A self-proclaimed “sarcasm enthusiast,” the jewelry of designer Theresa Kaz is an amalgamation of reinterpreted celestial motifs and classic geometric silhouettes with subtle, Art Deco influences. Working with the rich palate of 18k gold, Theresa incorporates custom cut gemstones and fancy cut diamonds in her eponymous collection. Theresa’s debut within the New Designer Gallery at the upcoming JA New York Show is her first ever trade show so she’s still contemplating her trade show “uniform,” but we want to assure her, sneakers are totally acceptable!

JA New York: The first thing I ever designed was…

Theresa Kaz: My engagement ring after mine was stolen

JA New York: Every morning I….

TK: I workout at 5 a.m. I’m an avid weightlifter and it’s a ritual I rarely miss.

JA New York: I never leave the house without…

TK: A smile. Seriously!

JA New York: I have my breakfast…

TK: In the form of a Nespresso Cappuccino 

JA New York: Jewelry is all about…

TK: Being an extension and expression of a woman’s style, personality and mood

JA New York: One thing I wear every day is…

TK: Lipstick. My best friend’s mom once said to me in 7th grade, “Theresa, you look so ugly today. Did you forget to put your lipstick on?” I’ve been burning through an average of 3 lipstick tubes a month since that fateful day.

JA New York: I don’t eat…?

TK: Oysters because I’m allergic. I eat anything and everything else. I love to cook and love to eat. If you don’t, we probably can’t be friends.

JA New York: My favorite restaurant in NYC…?

TK: The Spice Grill on 48th. It’s not fancy or anything, but I love Indian food, my husband doesn’t so I always try to grab lunch there when I’m in the city. 

JA New York: I am a maniac about…?

TK: My pitbull Ruxpin. You can talk shit about my husband, my kids, my jewelry collection, but NOT my dog!

JA New York: My obsession of the moment is…?

TK: Ruxpin, always. If you have a dog, you understand. If you don’t, I highly recommend adopting one immediately.

JA New York: I’m currently reading…

TK: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*%!” 

JA New York: I’m currently listening to…

TK: Fareed Zakaria, my celebrity crush.  

JA New York: 5 words that describe my brand DNA are…?

TK: Fun; Whimsical; Artful; Colorful; Feminine 

JA New York: My trade show uniform is…

TK: It’s my first trade show, can I wear sneakers? I really want to be comfortable.

JA New York: My greatest accomplishment so far is…

TK: I hope to someday say my sons. They’re 8 and 10, still works in progress and I hope they turn out to be kind humans, successful and happy. For now, I have to say launching my own fine jewelry collection rates pretty high for me.