JA New York: How long have you been a jewelry designer?

Jacqueline Stone for Salt + Stone: I started my journey in 2007 and never looked back!  But I really started my artistic career as a kid.  I killed it in art class.

JA New York: What inspires your designs?

JS: I love color! I still can’t believe that these gorgeous gemstones grew naturally deep within our planet. The universe definitely has an artistic side as well. I named my company Salt + Stone as not only a reference to my last name, but as a nod to the magical marriage of chemistry + geology. I’m also a hopeless romantic and deeply inspired by love stories.

JA New York: What are you most looking forward to about exhibiting in the New Designer Gallery?

JS: I have been planning for a long time to debut my line at this show with Cindy Edelstein. I was devastated by her passing as I considered her a friend and a mentor. I put my thoughts about doing the show on the back burner. Fast forward to a business trip to Denver, CO where I met up with Liz Kantner at a new fine jewelry shop and she mentioned how they had asked her to curate this section of the show. I was ecstatic and tearful. I know Cindy would be so thrilled that her mission to support emerging designers lives is continuing.

JA New York: What are you most nervous about (if anything!)?

JS: Public speaking!  And I better get over that quickly as I’m speaking on behalf of the GIA Manhattan’s lecture series at the show on Monday, July 25.  The topic of my presentation is The Importance of Traditional Design in the Digital Age. I’m absolutely terrified, but I’m trying to re-frame it as a way to give back. I don’t think I’d be where I am in my career without my GIA education.

JA New York: If a song played every time you walked into a room, what would it be?

JS: Pharell’s “Happy.” I believe happiness is a choice. I do my best to take the time for gratitude every day.

JA New York: If you were forced to get a tattoo, what would it be and where? 

JS: Well I definitely wasn’t forced and I already have two! One I’ve wanted forever is the goddess Venus in the seashell, except mine will have diamonds caught in her seaweed. My art always has a deeper meaning and love will always be at the forefront of my designs.