The designer of Imperfect Grace, Krista Trpkovski, has always had a passion for jewelry. Her designs are rooted in simple elegance with a timeless edge, and are designed with a contemporary woman on the go in mind. Krista also pays homage to her heritage by incorporating patterns of Ukrainian embroidery in her designs. The master craftsmen who bring Krista’s drawings to life are all based in New York City, and they maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and precision.

JA New York: The first thing I ever designed was…?

Krista Trpkovski: A necklace and a ring I made using leather from my mom’s old purse – for as long as I can remember, I have always tried to come up with new designs using whatever I could get my hands on (old jewelry, purses, you name it)

JA New York: Every morning I…?

KT: Read books with my daughter

JA New York: My Style Icon is….?

KT: Carrie Bradshaw

JA New York: I never leave the house without…?

KT: My jewelry staples

JA New York: I have my breakfast….?

KT: While chasing my daughter

JA New York: Jewelry is all about….?

KT: Telling your life story while showing your personal style

JA New York: One thing I wear every day is….?

KT: My signet ring

JA New York: I don’t eat….?

KT: Black licorice

JA New York: I am a maniac about….?

KT: Fingerprints on my jewelry display case

JA New York: My obsession of the moment is….?

KT: Hot yoga

JA New York: I’m currently reading….?

KT: Stoned by Aja Raden

JA New York: I’m currently listening to….?

KT: The soundtrack from the movie Coco, which my daughter is currently obsessed with

JA New York: My trade show uniform is….?

KT: A blazer and comfortable shoes

JA New York: My greatest accomplishment so far is….?

KT: My Heritage collection, which is the first fine collection I’ve ever designed