Darsana Jewelry is designed to speak to the heart and remind the wearer of the way she is meant to see and be seen. Darsana designer, Kathleen Sleigh, wants her jewelry to transcend mere adornment and express a soulful state of beauty and being. A self-taught artist, Kathleen has always trusted her instinct for beauty. With a commitment to producing fine jewelry that is socially responsible, Darsana jewelry upholds ethical manufacturing practices, and a portion of their profits to organizations in support of residential care and restorative programs for Chicago area survivors of sex trafficking.
JA New York: The first thing I ever designed was….?
Kathleen Sleigh: An entire city out of wooden blocks when I was 8 years old 
JA New York: Every morning I….?
KS: I have a cup of coffee while I read the WSJ
JA New York: My Style Icon is….?
KS: Ines de la Fressange 
JA New York: I never leave the house without….?
KS: My iPhone and lip gloss
JA New York: I have my breakfast….?
KS: On my porch
JA New York: Jewelry is all about….?
KS: Meaning, self-expression and legacy
JA New York: One thing I wear every day is….?
KS: My necklaces 
JA New York: I don’t eat….
KS: Tofu
JA New York: I am a maniac about….?
KS: My dog – Jack Bauer
JA New York: My obsession of the moment is….?
KS: What the Duchess of Sussex will wear next
JA New York: I’m currently reading….?
KS: Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life and Amanda Brooks’ Farm from Home
JA New York: I’m currently listening to….?
KS: Whatever my daughters have downloaded
JA New York: My trade show uniform is….?
KS: Mostly dresses with an open neck line and slip on sneakers
JA New York: My greatest accomplishment so far is….?
KS: Raising 3 amazing daughters with my husband and becoming an empty nester this August!