JA New York: How long have you been a jewelry designer?

Nicole McIver for Acanthus: I’ve been a designer for about 6 years.

JA New York: What inspires your designs?

NM: My background is in art history and I have a fascination with cultures and objects of the past. I am always inspired by the textures, patterns and motifs of everything from the adornment of Ancient Rome, to Medieval illuminated manuscripts, or antique Turkish textiles. Objects with a story behind them, that reflect the spirit and hand of the maker are so powerful to me.

JA New York: What are you most looking forward to about exhibiting in the New Designer Gallery?

NM: I’m really excited to show my work at an event like this for the first time, meeting people in the industry and getting feedback.

JA New York: What are you most nervous about?

NM: Well, since it’s my first show, I’m definitely nervous about that! Also, my work is pretty non-traditional for fine jewelry retailers, so I know it can be a less obvious choice. But I’m hopeful that being unusual will be what makes my work more desirable!

JA New York: If a song played every time you walked into a room, what would it be?

NM: Probably a rap of some sort.

JA New York: If you were forced to get a tattoo, what would it be and where?

NM: I’ve actually been contemplating a tat for some time now! I’ve been thinking about something for my right forearm, and my favorite tattoo artist works in Portland, OR (my former home) and does the most beautiful floral designs. I would likely do something with flowers, gems, skulls, moons, something along those lines.