Designer Aimee Kennedy has been making jewelry since childhood, while also training in a variety of visual arts. She loves to create unique engagement rings, pieces that commemorate life’s milestones or designs that serve to complement unusual gemstones. Aimee is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, working in recycled materials whenever possible.
JA New York: The first thing I ever designed was…?
Aimee Kennedy: Wow, that’s a tough one! I am a maker for life. I initially got my start in jewelry as a teen shopping around at yard sales and vintage shops buying crystal and Bakelite necklaces and recombining them with my handmade polymer clay beads. Years later I found my way to metal-smithing and the rest in history!

JA New York: Every morning I…? 

AK: Surf Instagram, have a coffee, get my kids to school, then I’m off to the studio.
JA New York: My Style Icon is…?
AK: I would have to say a combination of Marilyn Monroe and Deborah Harry.

JA New York: I never leave the house without…?

AK: Mascara, I have blonde eyelashes so I disappear without it.

JA New York: I have my breakfast…?

AK: On the go.

JA New York: Jewelry is all about…?

AK: Empowerment and self expression; it certainly speaks volumes about a person. 

JA New York: One thing I wear every day is…?

AK: A selections of mini studs and I alternate between minimalistic and statement earrings.

JA New York: I don’t eat…?

AK: Smoked Salmon, I’m not sure why as I love Salmon Sashimi, but it is pretty much the one food I’ll take a hard pass on. 

JA New York: I am a maniac about…?

AK: Honestly, I can’t think of an answer for this one, I’m a roll with the punches type of person.

JA New York: My obsession of the moment is…?
AK: Pyramids, kites or rhombus’, whatever you want to call them, I have been obsessed with this shape for about 5 years now and there is no end in sight!

JA New York: I’m currently reading…?

AK: Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore, I really enjoy fantasy fiction. I read to escape from reality and what better way then listening to a story about the supernatural power of muses and materials with a backdrop of 19th century Paris.

JA New York: I’m currently listening to…?

AK: Deep Valley, if you haven’t heard them you need to check these ladies out, they ROCK!

JA New York: My trade show uniform is…?

AK: Statement earrings, and converse.

JA New York: My greatest accomplishment so far is…?

AK: Translating my aesthetic into some pretty stunning jewellery. Most of my jeweller friends own my work, which I consider the highest of compliments.