A lifelong interest in gemstones and mathematics lured designer Sam Woehrmann to metal work, and working with gemstones and manipulating metals continue to fuel his design process. Influenced by Earth’s creations as well as urban backdrops, Sam’s work has a strong geometric and industrial look. We also discovered that Sam, yes that Sam, has a very special secret skill!

JA New York: How would you describe your brand to someone who is not familiar with it? Give us your “elevator pitch!” 

Sam Woehrmann: My jewelry brand is modern, clean lined design with an emphasis on gemstones. There is an industrial side to it but also a whimsical feel.

JA New York: Do you have a particular wearer in mind when you’re designing?

SW: I don’t have a particular wearer in mine when I’m designing anymore because I’ve found my work resonates with many people. From the edgy younger crowd to the older sophisticated person looking for a modern look. With a lot of my design I can envision and have seen both women and men wear my pieces. I like that my jewelry has a gender fluidity about it.

JA New York: What is your biggest source of design inspiration?

SW: My design inspiration generally comes from the gemstones I use, whether it be a unique shape in the cut of the stone or a color combination of different stones. These beautiful treasures from the Earth always keep me intrigued and inspired. 

JA New York: What’s one thing that always makes you smile?

SW: One thing that always makes me smile is of course my husband, but also our dog. She is the cutest Japanese Chin and “assists” me in the studio everyday. A truly magical creature! Just look at that face:)

JA New York: If you could be a TV/Movie villain, who would you be and why?

SW: If I could be a movie villain it would have to be Magneto from the X-Men movies. His ability to control and manipulate metal with his mind is an enviable trait. Just imagine how much amazing jewelry one could make!

JA New York: Do you have a “special skill” that people don’t know about?

SW: Something most people don’t know about me is that I was a state springboard diving champion in high school and I still like to do some dives when I find a good diving board.

JA New York: If you could spend one day in somebody else’s shoes, whom would it be and why?

SW: Growing up gay in the Midwest I often wanted to be in someone else’s shoes. Thankfully for very supportive parents and especially my mom, I love who I am and am proud to be me. So I’ll just keep truckin’ along in these fabulous shoes.

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