Onirikka Creative Director and Owner, Gloria Rank, draws inspirations from New York City and her home country of El Salvador. The brand is characterized by balance and clean lines to create symmetry. Gloria believes that jewelry is a legacy, and she designs every piece in the Oririkka collection with an intention of awakening the wearer’s true senses.

JA New York: How would you describe your brand to someone who is not familiar with it? Give us your “elevator pitch!”

Gloria Rank: Onirikka Fine Jewelry speaks to a customer who desires individuality and an eloquent look with a focus of impeccable workmanship. The brand is characterized by balance and clean lines to create symmetry, colorful gemstones are also used, creating a contemporary and edgy design.

JA New York: Do you have a particular wearer in mind when you’re designing? 

GR: I design with the modern woman in transition, in mind.  I think of the Onirikka woman as chic, spiritful, passionate and bold.

JA New York: What is your biggest source of design inspiration?

GR: I draw inspiration from my the tropics in my surroundings; colorful flowers, chic cities from my travels.  I love to attend dance performances, especially the ballet at Lincoln Center when I am in NYC, I feel inspired by all the passion and hard work involved in dance and performances and how it is just felt in your soul, through movement-

JA New York: What’s one thing that always makes you smile?

GR: My Husband and two children always make my heart smile…. And jewelry, of course.

JA New York: If you could be a TV/Movie villain, who would you be and why?  

GR: I would have to say Catwoman because I would love to be able to pull off that catsuit. And, a newer one, Maleficient because she wears really cool jewelry….AND she can fly. 

JA New York: Do you have a “special skill” that people don’t know about? 

GR: I have a photographic memory- well, at least i used to jaja.

JA New York: If you could spend one day in somebody else’s shoes, whom would it be? 

GR: I would love to be a professional ballet dancer for one day, train and perform for a huge audience at an amazing theater or I would love to be my French bulldog, Emma, for one day–run around and be the alpha of my pack. 

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