The JA New York Summer Show kicked off yesterday, and in addition to all of the fabulous product on the show floor, visitors also had the opportunity to sit in on a variety of educational seminars that can serve to enhance their businesses. The day kicked off with an “Idea Exchange” on social media, led by Amanda Gizzi and Lauren Kalma from Jewelers of America.

The facts:

77% internet users are on social media

46% use social media to make a purchase

This session posed the question, “Do you know what your goal is when using social media as a business?” Facilitators offered designers and retailers ten tips for leveraging social media, without promoting a one size fits all model, stressing that each business, depending on their goals, employ different strategies for marketing, brand awareness, and selling products.

Some free tips of many that Amanda and Laura shared with an eager audience:

• Suggested posting frequency — Facebook: 1 post/day, Instagram: 1-2 posts/day, Twitter: 15 tweets/day. Make this less overwhelming by investing time, talent, and money into social media marketing, and if it’s overwhelming, also use a platform to preschedule posts (like Hootsuite) 

• Use FB/IG live, videos, or boomerang – grabs attention vs still photos

• Give your business personality – tell your story, get your employees involved, share client stories (romance, success) – does not have to be all jewelry all the time, make yourself human 

• Walk customers through a process – gorgeous piece of jewelry from mine to purchase, simple cleaning 

• use hashtags that work for your business  – ability to get you found, they are your search tool

• Listen and respond, even to a negative review. When you win at social media is when you stop talking and other people are talking about you.

After the presentation, participants stayed for an “Idea Exchange.” Great way to share goals and tips in a small group from colleagues at different levels of social media use. Kudos to Amanda and Laura for adding this personal touch. They created an email group to continue the discussion, resource sharing, and community building.