Fine art, fine jewelry and the laid back vibe of the Jersey Shore all come together in Weston Gallery in Manasquan, NJ. One of the store’s co-owners, Kathy Weston, was initially drawn to the jewelry industry 30 years ago because of her deep abiding love for exquisitely crafted jewelry, and that love is what continues to drive her store’s success. Kathy’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship and for the artistry behind the jewelry she sells keeps her excited about what she does, and keeps her coming to the JA New York show year after year.

JA New York: Facebook or Instagram?

Kathy Weston: Both

JA New York: Favorite Gemstone?

KW: Tourmaline (among many)

JA New York: What’s your retail mantra?

KW: No customer is too great or too small.

JA New York: Dream Celebrity Client?

KW: Tina Fey

JA New York: Guilty Pleasure?

KW: Shopping

JA New York: Favorite Holiday?

KW: Christmas

JA New York: Music you play in your store?

KW: Nora Jones, Bonnie Rate, Frank Sinatra and sometimes, since we’re by the shore, Reggae

JA New York: Music you play in your car/home?

KW: Sting, The Police, Grateful Dead

JA New York: If you had a super power it would be…?

KW: To fly

JA New York: Your most prized possession?

KW: My children, including my dog!

JA New York: Go-to News Source?

KW: The Skimm