Randy Cooper’s Fine Jewelry has been faithfully serving the Wichita, Kansas community for over 30 years. Randy and her team of dedicated employees are a reliable fixture at the JA New York Shows, as well as at AGS Conclave, where they continue to build upon their solid foundation of knowledge in order to continue to bring exceptional customer service and knowledge to their loyal clientele. Randy’s entire being is a celebration of all things sparkly, from her shoes to her handbags to her glasses, and of course, her jewelry and exuberant personality, this woman is turned out with shine every time she steps out! We were delighted to catch up with Randy at this past JA New York Summer Show to get a little more insight into her personal and work philosophy.

JA New York: Facebook or Instagram?

Randy Cooper: Instagram

JA New York: Favorite gemstone?

RC: All of them! As long as they’re colorful…or clear!

JA New York: What’s your retail mantra?

RC: Whatever you do, you have to do it with passion! Bring passion into everything you do and you will succeed, no matter how many set-backs you encounter.

JA New York: Dream celebrity client?

RC: Melania Trump

JA New York: Guilty pleasure?

RC: Eating and drinking wine with friends.

JA New York: Favorite holiday?

RC: Christmas, because the store looks so pretty!

JA New York: Music you play in your store?

RC: Easy listening

JA New York: Music you play in your car/home?

RC: I don’t listen to music in my car, I usually make calls or just enjoy the quiet

JA New York: If you had a Super Power it would be…?

RC: Taking away people’s pain and suffering

JA New York: Your most prized possession?

RC: My husband or my dog!

JA New York: Go-to news source?

RC: Fox