Texas-based Carranza y Carranza considers many of their customers family. When someone walks through their doors, they are as committed to providing them with an experience as they are to selling them a product. They are also dedicated to on-going education. The owners, Cory and Jesus Carranza, have been attending AGS Conclave for years, going to all of the classes and soaking up all of that knowledge! For the past few years, they’ve brought their daughter Sophia along and, while she has to miss school to attend, her teacher sanctions this trip because, while she might not be in class, Sophia is definitely coming home with practical knowledge that she can apply to her work in the store!

JA New York: Instagram or Facebook?

Cory Carranza: Facebook

JA New York: Favorite Gemstone?

CC: Ruby

JA New York: Retail mantra?

CC: Personalized customer service. All of us at the store are in an ongoing dialogue with our customers, many of whom have become close friends.

JA New York: Favorite time of day?

CC: Nighttime, I’m a night owl!

JA New York: Non-jewelry guilty pleasure?

CC: Handbags

JA New York: Music you play in your store?

CC: When I’m in the store, it’s piano heavy classical music, but when I’m not there and my husband is there, he’ll play Bon Jovi and Motley Cru.

JA New York: Coffee or tea?

CC: Coffee

JA New York: Go-to News Source?

CC: CNN, in both Spanish and English; I need to be informed about current events in both languages because our customers, depending on where they are from, are concerned about different issues.