Montreal-based jewelry designer and goldsmith, Kate Hubley of K8 Jewelry Concepts Bijoux, loves making fun and funky jewelry that embodies a celebration of life! Kate’s jewelry goes beyond aesthetics, revealing something about the individual who wears her work. With a commitment to integrity, uncompromising quality, ethical sourcing and exceptional customer service, each of Kate’s pieces in her extensive collection contains something surprising and unexpected.

JA New York: What 5 words describe your brand DNA?

Kate Hubley: Playful elegance (fun but never over the top or gaudy, trend worthy but not gimmicky, strong but not overpowering); Conceptual (each collection has a hidden story, a meaning and can be read on a second level, beyond aesthetics); Celebratory (my work pays homage to a lust for life); Bold (I create designs that make a statement. With gemstones, colouring and gold tones, I use a strong palette of colors, my tribute to the colorfulness that emanates from a dynamic, confident woman; Exquisitely crafted in Montreal.

JA New York: What’s your trade show uniform?
KH: Something pretty – and black, of course. Because black is the best backdrop for my jewelry. Usually a little dress that can go from trade show to after-show cocktail. I create fine jewelry for when who wear black: iconic, elegant, powerful, mysterious, luxurious, eloquent, sexy black. Because women who wear black, wear colorful jewelry.
JA New York: Go-to news source?
KH: I’m Canadian so I usually check what’s up on CBC. As for US news, I don’t really want to get too involved (because everything seems so partisan right now). So let’s just say that I get in a few minutes a day of the “Fake News” to see what’s going on with our American cousins.
JA New York: Guilty pleasure?

KH: Poutine. I kid you not. It truly is. (C’est vrai en plus !)

JA New York: Tech must-have? 
KH: My iPhone with apps is all I really need. That and my Macbook for taking care of business. Other than that, I’m kinda old school.
JA New York: Favorite cities?
KH: I love my city, Montreal. I absolutely love NYC and even love driving in Manhattan. I have a funny feeling I have a New York chapter in my future… TBD. The other cities that I really connect with are Rome and Barcelona. They’re vibrant and warm with amazing history.
JA New York: Your most prized possession?
KH: The relationship I have with my 14-yr-old kid, August. A source of wonder and happiness for me.
JA New York: If you had a Super Power it would be…?

KH: To read people’s intentions. Not their minds, that would be voyeurism, but if I could read what they were really up to – the truth – I think we could solve a lot of problems in this world.

JA New York: You have a one-way ticket, you’re going….?
KH: I would like a one-way ticket around the world, please. That way, I could see and do everything.
JA New York: I won’t leave home without…..?
KH: Well, my Lumina necklace and a stack of rings. Also, unrelated to jewelry, a bottle of bubbly water that I zap in my SodaStream. I’m addicted to bubbles.
JA New York: Dream celebrity client?
KH: Since I’m from Montreal, you probably think I’ll say Céline… which, sure, that would be awesome. But really, it would be Kate Blanchett or Uma Thurman.