Designer Judi Powers strives to create pieces that are effortlessly chic, yet filled with meaning. Like the perfect cashmere sweater, Judi’s jewelry can (and should!) be worn every day, and with her impeccable attention to detail and commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, her pieces are instant heirlooms that will undoubtedly be passed down for generations. We’re looking forward to stopping by Judi’s booth at the upcoming Spring show; playing dress up with Judi’s jewelry is awesome, and her positive energy and contagious smile always serve to put a little extra pep in our step!

JA New York: 5 words that best describe your brand DNA?

Judi Powers: Effortless. Enduring. Sustainable. Feminine. Minimalist

JA New York: What’s your trade show uniform?

JP: I’m a minimalist with my clothing at trade shows so if I’m not wearing a dress, I’m wearing a white blouse and skirt, culottes, or trousers. I always wear heels at trade shows, too, except in winter: Then I wear boots.

JA New York: Go-to news source?

JP: It’s a tie between The New York Times and NPR.

JA New York: Guilty pleasure?

JP: Ice cream.

JA New York: Tech must-have?

JP: My laptop (MacBook Air)

JA New York: Favorite Cities?

JP: Paris, Venice, Bangkok, London, New York.

JA New York: Your most prized possession?

JP: That’s a tough one to answer. It’s not just one thing, but several pieces of jewelry that I’ve gotten over the years. Some were made by treasured friends, others were given to me by my parents and grandparents.

JA New York: If you had a Super Power it would be….?

JP: To be able to communicate with anyone in any language.

JA New York: You have a one-way ticket, you’re going…?

JP: To Bhutan

JA New York: Won’t leave home without_______?

JP: Lip balm.

JA New York: Dream celebrity client?

JP: Lucy Liu