Designer Jill Maurer doesn’t design jewelry for men or women, she designs for people! Archaeological finds such as prehistoric cave drawings, functional objects and weaponry inspire her contemporary designs while also celebrating our earliest ancestors. An advocate of wearing what one loves, Jill firmly believes that people can feel a deep connection with a piece of jewelry, and she lives to make those connections!

JA New York: 5 words that best describe your brand DNA?

Jill Maurer: Modern, prehistoric, textured, freeing, connection

JA New York: What’s your trade show uniform?

JM: You’ll usually find me in a neutral or monochrome outfit with a simple, modern silhouette, and plenty of jewelry. My strictest trade show rule is no new shoes … ever.  This is no time to be breaking them in!

JA New York: Go-to news source?

JM: I’m looking forward to Wikitribune. I’m overwhelmed by all of the spin and just want to get the news without commentary or agenda. Hopefully Wikitribune will be a step in that direction.

JA New York: Guilty pleasure?

JM: Ben and Jerry’s dairy free ice cream. Why oh why did they have to come out with that!?

JA New York: Tech must-have?

JM: An electric car.  Mine has been on order for over a year now.  I’m ready Tesla!

JA New York: Favorite Cities?

JM: Raleigh, Anchorage, Montreal, Paris, Tai Pei, and Dubai

JA New York: Your most prized possession?

JM: A river rock my son and I brought home from fly fishing in the North Carolina mountains.

JA New York: If you had a Super Power it would be….?

JM: To speak fluently in every language. I’d love to travel the globe and immerse myself into the local culture; I love hearing people’s stories and learning about their customs and way of life.

JA New York: You have a one-way ticket, you’re going…?

JM: Home

JA New York: I won’t leave home without _____________!

JM: Wallet, phone, keys, and signature jewelry. I travel light!

JA New York: Dream celebrity client?

JM: Each of my pieces is designed to be worn by whomever feels that click of connection with them…man or woman. My dream client is Pharrell Williams. He is a master at creating his personal style utilizing a variety of objects and making them his own. Pharrell would never ask “Is this meant to be worn by a man or a woman?” He feels completely free to wear with confidence anything he feels connected with. He embodies personal style.