If somebody had told Barbara Ross-Innamorati 10 years ago that today, she’d be running her own jewelry company, she would have told them they were crazy! Prior to launching Evocateur 9 years ago, Barbara was well entrenched in her career in corporate finance. She’d always loved jewelry, and considers fashion and design part of her DNA, but she’d never dreamed she would make a living out of these passions. And then, one morning she woke up thinking about a Gustav Klimt painting she’d seen in the National Gallery in London when she was studying abroad in the 1970’s. It had captivated her at the time before receding into the recesses of her memory, and then suddenly, she became obsessed with obtaining gold leaf and creating wearable works of art! After a period of trial and error (many trials and many errors, in fact!), Barbara and her team essentially adapted a 17th Century gilding technique in the development of her proprietary process. Barbara’s designs are unique, distinctive and enduring, and they effecitvely incorporate her love of art, ancient civilizations, travel and fashion. In advance of next week’s show, we caught up with Barbara to get a little more insight into her brand and discovered we have many shared passions–including an obsession with Gummy Bears!

JA New York: What 5 words best describe your brand DNA?

Barbara Ross-Innamorati: Unique; Evocative; Gilded; Art-driven; Timelesll

JA New York: What’s your trade show uniform?

BRI: Print dresses, sensible shoes, Evocateur cuffs on each wrist, statement necklace and my teardrop earrings.

JA New York: Go-to news source?

BRI: New York Times daily online briefing

JA New York: Guilty pleasure?

BRI: Gummy Bears–all colors and flavors!

JA New York: Tech must-have?

BRI: My MacBook Air–holds all of my designs as well as my inspirations.

JA New York: Favorite Cities?

BRI: Amsterdam and Florence, Italy.

JA New York: Your most prized possession?

BRI: My Jaeger LeCoultre diamond Reverso watch, which was a gift from my husband.

JA New York: If you had a Super Power it would be…?

BRI: Time travel–but only back in time, I’m not ready to travel to the future yet since I live my professional life 6 months out as it is!

JA New York: You have a one-way ticket, you’re going…?

BRI: Umbria, Italy.

JA New York: Won’t leave home without ______?

BRI: At least two Evocateur cuffs on my arms.

JA New York: Dream celebrity client?

BRI: Kate Winslet

You can see Barbara in the Evocateur Booth 1152. Reach out to her at info@EvocateurStyle.com and 203-956-0705 to set up an appointment in advance!

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