The designer behind Amanni Jewelry, Amany Shaker, is using her background in peace-building and conflict resolution to create timeless pieces that help women understand cultures other than their own. She believes that we are better together than apart, and she hopes her jewelry will tell stories that will eventually result in cultivating ambassadors of peace–picture a group of women from a variety of backgrounds, with a shared passion for beauty (and style!)…they could change the world! It was with this intention that Shaker hired Egyptian actor Salma Abu Deif to be her spokesperson, explaining, “Her beauty has a mystery about it that resembles that of an Egyptian Goddess, yet it is also universal. She’s adventurous, a rebel in her own way, not a conformist yet bears the dignity and allure of her traditional heritage. Her gaze has the depth of understanding of her own strength but is not afraid to show her vulnerability when needed.” The video campaign, which was featured in Vogue Arabia, can be seen here.

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