After our most recent piece on fashion trend forecasting, a lot of designers and brands requested that we share more websites for finding the most current news in our industry –– as “fashion” usually gets the moniker in all media credit. Here’s our list of the fashion websites that provide the best coverage of accessories, footwear, and jewelry as equal subcategories.

For Finding Jewelry Trends

National Jeweler is an industry staple that everyone knows. We’ve added them to the list because they’re often overlooked for the WWD and type websites for relevant jewelry business news. They are the most established news outlet in the industry and source of some of the best jewelry photo galleries online. Gem Obsessed cultishly covers all things jewelry –– and it only covers jewelry. From jewelry trends, red carpet jewels, profiles of jewelry designers, and new ways to wear very expensive things, they are the go-to source for bling.

Finding great jewelry focused blogs is a challenge. While most bloggers will cover jewelry and accessories, few focus on high quality, expensive stones. Both Gemologue and Gem Gossip do that. From designer interviews to product reviews, event coverage to how to wear it, these two jewelry blogs are must reads for the latest trends in antique, estate and fine jewelry.

Photo: Gemologue

For Finding Women’s Fashion Trends

WhoWhatWear is where to find daily #FashionInspo. The website offers well-designed editorial features written by established fashion editors, great seasonal trend guides, and how-to-wear-it videos. What’s more, they have dedicated coverage of what is hot in jewelry and accessories.

Glamour is where LUCKY Shops went when the book went 100% digital. Glamour has become a real-time source of learning what’s in now, what’s out and what’s happening next as the website covers just about anything happening in the industry. From Amazon getting into the lingerie business to Beyonce’s latest diamond bling, if it’s trending, it’s here.

Refinery29 has evolved from a simple fashion read to an established industry resource on just how “fashion” is worn and deconstructed by women in multiple age groups. R29 is especially good at covering what female consumers and the influencers they follow are wearing in top tier, international cities.

InStyle is the best resource for what’s trending in women’s consumer fashion. They fully cover current trends, what’s hot now, street style and is the top site for covering what celebrities are wearing.

For Industry Style Trends 

The Style Line is one of our favorite websites for anyone that’s over 30, believes in quality over quantity and wants to find real world industry advice. The website is packed full of highly visual features, personal stories of shop owners, designers, and professionals. If you are looking for professional and personal advice from lifestyle industry figureheads, this is the place to go. It is also a must read for finding understandable, thoughtfully edited product reviews, style guides, and city tours.

Vogue’s is the most comprehensive global runway coverage you can find online. We consider it an industry resource given the amount of designers who use it to source inspiration for their own collections. You’ll find a complete library of ready-to-wear, street style and runway collections, along with detail shots of most products.

Porter is a go-to source for finding out what’s trending amongst luxury consumers. Started by Net-A-Porter several years ago to help sell luxury goods, the magazine evolved into a full-fledged print edition that showcases affluence at its finest. If you sell more expensive products, it is a must read.

Photo: Gem Gossip

For Finding Men’s Fashion Trends

The Gentleman’s Gazette is a favorite for teaching men how to dress with class. Tailored sophistication is the heart of this men’s website, promoting quality over quantity and encouraging men to dress their best instead of looking like a mess. They also have a VERY useful YouTube channel all women and men will love.

Fashion Beans is a catch-all for many types of men’s fashion. It offers how-to style articles for men of all ages, extensively covers the latest trends in all men’s fashion categories, has lookbooks and more. It’s one of the most approachable websites for a man looking to understand and up his fashion game just a little bit.

Man of Many caters to the entire lifestyle of a tech savvy, city living male consumer. From gadget reviews to hot shoes, what should be worn, adorned or in his pocket will be expertly covered on this blog. What we love most is an extensive coverage of timepieces and watches.

Pro Tip: If men are your focus, we highly recommend reading HeSpokeStyle and Effortless Gent. Here’s a great list of men’s style blogs and websites if you want more resources!

Find What Inspires You?

Our list aims to serve, but there are thousands of resources available to you. While major magazines can provide global coverage, an individual blogger can provide regional or category specific expertise. We’d love for you to share your favorites in the comments below. Let us know what you read! #JABlogFinds #JANewYork

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